Bobby Pattinson made Freeman Of Gateshead

Published Thursday, 6th July 2023
By James Cowen

Gateshead comedian Bobby Pattinson has become an Honorary Freeman of Gateshead during a ceremony at Gateshead Civic Centre.

The title is known as the highest honour that Gateshead Council can give. He received the award in recognition of his contribution to charity, business and entertainment.

Those who have been previously awarded the title of Freemen of Gateshead include Sir John Hall, Sir Brendan Foster, Rt Hon Baroness Quin, David Clelland, Jill Halfpenny, Stephen Miller MBE and Bob Moncur.

Bobby was born and has lived in Gateshead throughout his life. Known as the Godfather of North East comedy, Pattinson spent many years performing alongside huge showbiz news around the world, as well as here in the North EastS.

Pattinson has also spent years fundraising for the charity Variety, which provides help and support for disabled and disadvantaged children and young people.

Bobby was awarded their highest honour 'The Silver Heart' in 2014 in recognition of him having personally raised over £100,000 for the charity which funded four buses for disabled children on Tyneside.

Bobby told Gateshead Council: "Gateshead is me and I am Gateshead and it feels an honour to have this recognition. I'm very, very happy about it. Not bad for a funny faced comic from Gateshead!"

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