Michelle Heaton reveals her thoughts on nostalgic Metroland closure as first job revealed

Published Friday, 24th March 2023
By James Cowen

Michelle Heaton has reminisced about performing at Metroland, in Gateshead, as a youngster.

The Liberty X star, who grew up in the Lobley Hill area of Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, spoke ahead of her performance at The Blyth Live festival in June.

Chatting to the BBC, Heaton admitted that she worked at MetroLand, a well-loved indoor theme back inside the Metrocentre shopping centre.

Michelle mentioned that she worked on the rollercoaster to make as ''much money as possible'' to ''travel to London to audition'' to make it in the entertainment industry.

She also revealed that she couldn't believe it when they closed the popular 2 million pound park back in 2008. 

She was then questioned as to if she worked alongside Cheryl at Metroland.

''I was in girl band and Cheryl was a solo act, there were lots of other acts, we were part of Metroland's talent agency at the time,
 and we performed as entertainment in Metroland''

''That is true. We didn't sing together as a group but we were on the same stage many times early on''.

Michelle added: ''Before I got upgraded to rollercoaster I was in the coin box in the arcade, you'd put in a pound and it would give you 10p coins.
That's how it used to be done, there were no machines.''

''I can't believe they got rid of it, yeah, bad''.

The Liberty X 'Just A Little' singer also shared that one of her earliest childhood memories was performing in South Shields. 

She admitted that having the support of family and friends at local gigs 'adds to her nerves' but makes it 'more exciting' that she gets to still do a job she loves.

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