Join the Big Garden Birdwatch, 2023!

Published Thursday, 19th January 2023
By Helen Aitchison


When Is The Big Garden Birdwatch 2023?

The Big Garden Birdwatch through the RSPB is back this month. From 27-29 January, you can connect with nature and play an important role in documenting species of birds visiting your garden.

There is something joyful about watching our feathered friends in their natural habitat and many of us have a collection of garden visitors, enjoying the trees, shelter, and treats we leave out for them. It can be mesmerizing watching their behaviour and seeing them find food or discover some foliage for their nests. So why not get involved, with a fun, free way to collect information on the birds in your area.


What is the Big Garden Birdwatch all about?

As stated on the RSPB website:

The fact that we've lost 38 million birds from UK skies in the last 50 years underlines that nature is in crisis. We see it in our own back gardens with house sparrows struggling and starlings undergoing a severe decline. As a conservation charity, your Birdwatch results help us monitor how our UK birds are faring in the face of the nature and climate emergency. But we can't do it without your support.

The RSPB are asking for you to monitor the number of birds that visit the area you are watching within an hour period. They would like the number and species of birds documented then for you to record this online. You may document regular visitors, but you may also see new species. So try and have a bird feeder topped up and perhaps get kids or partners and friends involved. 

"What if I don't have a garden?" I hear you say. Well that doesn't matter as this activity can take place from a balcony, window, or even the local park. Meaning everyone can get involved.

During the weekend of 27-29 January, the Big Garden Birdwatch Live will stream the event. Interviews, expert input, discussions, and an opportunity to ask questions will be part of this live event.

A full, free guide is available to download from Big Garden Birdwatch | The RSPB

Alongside this, you will find a plethora of information on attracting birds to your garden, bird care, fun and learning, and even a "What garden bird are you?" quiz on the RSPB website.

So stick your beak out the window and give the Big Garden Birdwatch, 2023 a try! Then share what's tweeting around your area. 

Now where's my binoculars?!


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