Benidorm Writer Shares Latest After Reboot Rumours

Published Thursday, 24th November 2022
By James Cowen

British comedy Benidorm gave us all a huge laugh and was a great source of entertainment for many years, and still is to this day. 

The show recently celebrated its successes by hosting a convention in Benidorm itself, called a Benicon. Fans went along and enjoyed karaoke nights, meet and greets with the cast and celebrated all things sun, sea and.. mobility scooters! 

During one of the on-stage chats, a sketch with the Garveys caused a huge buzz among fans both at the convention and at home.

TikTok videos shared a few days ago show the Garveys on stage with the shows creator Derren Litten, and at the end, Little shouts: "Did you just confirm series 11 of Benidorm?".

Is Benidorm returning for series 11?

Thousands of adoring fans took to social media to express their excitement, at the thought of the show coming back to our TV screens.

This evening, Derren took to Twitter to clear up the rumours:

"Some people asking if there is going to be an 11th series of Benidorm.  It appears what I said got somewhat mangled.  I just said what I've said for the last few years, never say never!"

One fan asked: "Have the Garveys said they will come back if it was to happen though, surely a big reason for itv to rethink if they have?" 

Derren replied: "I genuinely don't think ITV would be involved in any way."

If Benidorm was to return, could a big streaming service like Netflix pick up a new series?

All current episodes of Benidorm are available to stream. 

Would you be up for a Benidorm reboot one day? Why not let us know by tweeting us @RadioGateshead!

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