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Due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Eurovision is now being hosted in another country.

After Kalush Orchestra’s historic win for Ukraine, as a show of solidarity for the country, Ukraine is unfortunately still unable to safely host Eurovision next year. The UK was the runner up in Turin with Sam Ryder’s song ‘Space Man’, which saw the UK’s highest score ever in the competition.

After some collaboration between the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and the BBC they have come together to decide that whilst Eurovision will be held outside its winning country, the UK will make sure that Ukraine will be greatly represented throughout the event as the winners.

Sam Ryder also made a post on Twitter supporting the idea of a Ukrainian influenced UK event. He said

”It’s Ukraine’s party, we’re just inviting them to throw it at our house.”
He said his heart ‘felt heavy’ knowing that Eurovision couldn’t be held in Ukraine. However, he had a message to everyone watching from Ukraine:

“We know how to throw a party here in the UK and our excitement is outshone only by our focus on that one objective to hold space and be on hand to help wherever needed to host an event that celebrates Ukrainian culture, history and music.”

Now the hunt begins to find the host city of Eurovision 2023 with Newcastle being one of the city’s expected to be placing a bid.

The list of all bidding locations will be published later in the summer as those that have expressed interest may not end up bidding.

All locations trying to host Eurovision will need to be able to host around 10,000 people including having ample hotel space and a nearby airport. Once the the host city is chosen, the tickets are expected to release from the earliest late winter to the start of 2023.

Find out more about how the UK will host Eurovision at the official Eurovision website.

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