Tyne Bridge Set For Much Needed Repairs

Published Friday, 3rd June 2022
By Keira Edwards

Credit: Newcastle City Council

Closing in on its 100th anniversary in 2028, the Tyne Bridge has secured funding to make it look its best.

The Tyne Bridge is used by over 70,000 vehicles each day and is an iconic landmark in the North East. However, it has been falling into a state of disrepair, as its last maintenance was 20 years ago. Many residents are worried if the bridge would become an eyesore than a landmark.

Luckily, the Tyne Bridge is one step closer to repair as the council have applied for a £41m plan to restore the Grade II bridge to its former glory. In this restoration, the Tyne Bridge is going to see a lot of changes. It will be repainted, repairs will be performed on steelwork and concrete, waterproofing, resurfacing the road, and many more repairs still to come.

Because of such a big maintenance, the bridge will be shut from June 13th to July 1st. However, if that's what it takes to restore such a monumental crossing, then the closure will be worth it. But before the funding can be fully accepted, a full check of the bridge must happen.

This may cause overnight closures to happen but Gateshead and Newcastle City Council are both trying to keep disruptions to a minimum.

It will be amazing to see the Tyne Bridge become the pride of Newcastle/Gateshead again!

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