The Search is on: A New Name for Sage Gateshead

Published Sunday, 19th June 2022
By Helen Aitchison


The stunning Sage Gateshead opened in December 2004 after eight years building, preparing and polishing of the iconic Gateshead cultural establishment. Over the almost 20 years, it has attracted a range of talent, both local, national and international to its' auditoriums. For me, and many, the quirky, iconic building has become one of the landmarks that symbolises home.

Providing a creative space for musicians, artists, explorers, authors, actors and more over the years, the Sage Gateshead has delivered eclectic entertainment to please locals and visitors to our region. Established as a cultural charity, Sage Gateshead has supported and celebrated diverse music including being a regular home for the Royal Northern Sinfonia, through to a variety of bands and supporting local community choirs.

With over 400 performances a year, the Sage Gateshead has truly become an important part of our local area, with a real community heart ethos. Providing culture, socialisation and education to over 10 million people and many more through digital broadcasting activity, Sage Gateshead has become one of the UK's largest cultural organisations. Additionally, it has contributed approximately half a billion pounds to our regional economy and continues to be a learning hub for local talent.

This ethos and the Sage Gateshead's aim for community inclusion has led to the request for the local residents to help find a new name for the building, coinciding with a time of development and expansion for the charity. A new music-making strategy will be launched in the autumn, following consultation with the local community about live music. Alongside this, will be a new name and the Sage Gateshead want to hear your thoughts!


How can you get involved?

The Sage want your input and you can have your say by visiting

Use the hashtag #sgchanges on social media with any Sage related ideas and comments.

Visit the Sage, where you can leave comments about thoughts, including the new name ideas.

Abigail Pogson, Managing Director at Sage Gateshead said:

"As we approach our twentieth year, this is an opportunity for us to affirm who we are, how we want to be known, and what we look like.

"We are one of the most active music charities in the UK, with musical memories made, friendship forged and careers born across the region. We want to capture our first twenty years and to the next twenty years. "We hope you will share your ideas with us over the coming weeks and contribute to the picture of what you value most about us and what are hopes for the future of live music here might be.

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