The Hoppings Makes Its Return to Newcastle After Two Years

Published Friday, 17th June 2022
By Keira Edwards

Credit: PA

After multiple years of cancellations because of Covid-19, The Hoppings finally returns to the Newcastle Town Moor.

The Hoppings is a definite family favourite and it has been greatly missed because of the pandemic. Boasting over 400 different rides and attractions, there's something for the whole family. You can find a range of thrill seeking rides that lift you high up into the air and spin round, to more gentle activities for the children such as the tea cups and bumper-cars.

The Hoppings stretches for over a kilometre, packed with not just rides but stalls selling food and attraction booths such as hook a duck. There are games for all the family to enjoy together and some which have prizes at stake if you can beat the game. But as well as there being some family friendly stalls, there is a section for the adults. For the first time The Hoppings will have its own bar selling alcohol in the Food Village. However, there is a restriction that food must be bought in order to purchase alcohol and they will be following the Challenge 25 policy.

But because The Hoppings is so big, it is possible you may not explore it all in one visit. But fear not as The Hoppings will be in Newcastle from 17th-25th June, meaning you can always come back and visit more than once.

More information, including directions and what you can expect, can be found on The Hoppings website.

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