Lighthouse Family Split Up As Tunde To 'Focus On Solo Career'

Published Tuesday, 7th June 2022
By James Cowen

Credit: Lighthouse Family

Known for hits such as 'Lifted' and 'High', Lighthouse Family fans have woken up to some sad news.

Taking to Facebook this morning, Paul Tucker released a statement:

"I'm so sad to let you know that after almost thirty years we have reached the end of our Lighthouse Family journey. Having set off from our little basement studio in Newcastle in 1993 it's been an incredible adventure beyond our wildest dreams. Thank you all for all your love and support through the years, we could not have done it without you."

"I'm so sorry that this means that our headline show at Mouth Of The Tyne Festival on 9th July is now cancelled. I have tried everything with our agents and promoters over the last few weeks to make this work but we just couldn't get it over the line. Tunde [Baiyewu] now wants to focus on his solo career and I wish him all the best. I would like to say sorry to the promoters and to all of you who have tickets for this show and have waited through the last two years. I was really looking forward to this hometown show and playing our songs in this amazing place close to the lighthouses that gave us our name. I am as disappointed as you are. It breaks my heart to let you down."


They were due to perform at this years 'Mouth Of The Tyne Festival' in July, however, their performance has now been cancelled.

The duo have had major success, first meeting at University to then making music from a basement studio in Newcastle, in 1993. Their debut album 'Ocean Drive' sold over 1.8 million records in the United Kingdom alone. Follow up albums 'Postcards From Heaven' and 'Whatever Gets You Through The Day' also had similar success.

Paul and Tunde have also racked up 5 UK Top 10 singles in the UK.

Credit: Lighthouse Family

In 2019, after a break, the duo returned in 2019 with album 'Blue Sky In Your Head' which reached number 3 in the UK charts.

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