REVIEW: Waitress the Musical Hits The Theatre Royal

Published Thursday, 10th March 2022
By Keira Edwards

Credit: Theatre Royal

With comedy and a whole lot of pie, Waitress The Musical tours to the Theatre Royal.

Waitress, was a musical that really surprised me. Before seeing it I didn't know particularly much about it. I only knew a few songs and a rough outline of the plot. All I was basing the musical off was reviews from those I knew who had seen it. It certainly did not disappoint.

Set in a small pie shop in America, Waitress is full of quirky characters and lots of laughs. It's comedic nature was surprising and rather refreshing for a musical. Especially after the pandemic, it's a show to really bring a bit of laughter and happiness to your day. However, I would give a warning to all parents. Waitress is rated a 13+ show, due to explicit language and adult content.

Credit: Theatre Royal

Without spoiling, in terms of plotline, it was nothing special, but that was made up for by the sheer hilarity of the performance. With lots of sassy women and jokes that run through the whole musical, I don't think there were many times where I wasn't laughing.

Compared to other musicals, the three leading ladies felt more human than fictional. They were all so normal, with their own lives and circumstances, which allowed you to create connections with the characters and begin to understand their own feelings.

Credit: Theatre Royal

As it's a musical, I have to cover the songs and there were a lot of them. That didn't hinder the show at all because the transition between speech and song was so smooth that you didn't notice it until the music started. The music had lots of variety, some songs were upbeat and incredibly funny, whilst others were beautiful ballads. Each expressed what the raw feelings of characters or made light of serious situations.

Waitress stars Geordie actress Chelsea Halfpenny, who can certainly put on a show!

Overall, Waitress the Musical was a fantastic performance to see and will be sure to brighten up your day with it's hilarious comedy.

Waitress is in Newcastle until March 12th. Tickets can be booked through the Theatre Royal's website.

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