REVIEW: The Batman Hits Cinema's As One Of DC's Best Films

Published Saturday, 26th March 2022
By Keira Edwards

Credit: The Vue Website

Proving DC's trend of making not the best films wrong, The Batman becomes one of their best made yet.

I recently went to see The Batman in cinema and was not expecting too much from it. Due to DC's movies quite often missing the mark, I had decided if it was better than average, then it was a decent film for DC. But there was no way I could expect what was to come.

The Batman is rated a 15 because of its violent fight scenes and this allowed DC to really show Batman's true aggression without censoring too much. However, the portrayal of Batman completely changed my view on the character. Instead of being the brutal vigilante we all know him as. He was played as a severely depressed young adult, living a reclusive life outside of being Batman. This gave Batman an extra dimension to his character, which I must commend Robert Pattinson for his phenomenal performance as him.

It wasn't just Batman whose character was reformed. So was the Riddler. Not only was his appearance transformed into something more darker and psychotic. They made him smarter and a much more compelling villain leaving you wondering what he will do next. Other well know characters such as the Penguin and Catwoman make an appearance in the film as well.

The plot in The Batman was very gripping and had me on the edge of seat in anticipation. I won't go into detail about it to avoid spoilers, but the story delivered well. Part of the amazing delivery had to do with how the setting was created. The film was very dark in terms of lighting, which is a hard thing to pull off. But they did and it added so much to atmosphere of Gotham and the content of the film.

DC proved everyone wrong with The Batman, showing they do have the ability to make good films. The Batman is currently showing at the Vue and Odeon, as well as many other cinemas.

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