Credit: Neurodiversity Celebration Week website

From 21 – 27 March, Neurodiversity Celebration Week aims to promote the strengths of those with a disability.

This week, marks a time to celebrate all the neurodiverse people in the world and recognise their strengths and talents. The aim is to challenge the stereotypes and prejudices neurodiverse people face in their lives. They want to use this week as a way to help schools, universities and other companies transform their treatment of those who are disabled.

Founded by Siena Castellon in 2018, she said she wanted to create this week ‘because I wanted to change the way learning differences are perceived’. As an autistic person, I have also faced my fair share of difficulties due to my disability. It is great to see so many neurodiverse people getting a voice to speak out about our experiences.

Across this week, 24 events will be run completely free of charge to promote neurodiversity. You can find the timetable below or visit the Neurodiversity Celebration Week’s website.

Credit: Neurodiversity Celebration Week website

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