Credit: Unleashed Events Website

Due to the pandemic, all conventions had to be postponed or made virtual but for the second time since the pandemic, Unleashed Events brings a convention to Gateshead.

With the pandemic, the uptake of conventions lessened as they couldn’t run in person for two years. However, as restrictions have lifted and we’re coming out of covid, conventions are beginning to open back up. Unleashed Events is a large set of conventions that span the whole country. They have conventions that come to both Newcastle and Gateshead which are enjoyed by all who come. Gateshead Unleashed will be on 10th April, whilst Newcastle Unleashed will be on 3rd July.

I had the opportunity to speak with Jemma, one of the team members of Unleashed Events. She helps taking cash and tickets on the front desk as well as helping set up and pack down. “It’s one for all the family” said Gemma about Unleashed Events “people think it’s directed towards children but sometimes you see the parents getting more excited over things”. As someone who has frequented Gateshead Unleashed before I can fully agree with that. There is such a large, diverse range of people who attend and stalls spanning so many different shows and games that there is something for everyone.

Like all Unleashed Events, many local traders and sellers will be running the stalls at the convention. I asked Jemma why was it important to have so many local sellers. “It gives the money back into the local community, really and also it’s like people see the local events and think, oh it’s just on the road there’ll be people I know and they know the area well”. I enjoy seeing conventions value local artists, prop makers and those who sell general merch as I have found so many amazing and affordable things from those that sell locally than I have from bigger traders.

Gateshead Unleashed will be on Sunday 10th April 2022 at the Lancastrian Suite from 11am – 5pm. Find out more at Unleashed Events website.

Keira Edwards

Keira is an A-Level student and aspiring journalist for Radio Gateshead, circus performer and musician.

Interests: Writing, expressing things creatively, and writing podcasts.