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This week was the semi-final of Dancing On Ice, and a double eviction was in store for two unlucky celebrities and their partners. Phil presented solo, with Holly poorly with Covid, so the pressure was on for everyone! With each celebrity due to skate twice; once alone and once in their partnership, the last lap to the final is now an intense reality.

All five celebrities took to the ice to start the contest, skating as a group to an edgy, gothic theme, each celeb had a chance to perform a specialist move. Along with the nerves, the competition for survival was there, but the celebs still have a camaraderie. The judges were assessing and scoring on skating skills, performance and posture and judged the celebs as;

Kye – 5th place

Brendan – 4th place

Connor – 3rd place

Regan – 2nd place

Kimberly – 1st place

with each celebrity getting points awarded to their ongoing score for the position they were judged in.

The next section in the semi-finals involved our celebrities picking a song that has emotional significance. Brendan and Vanessa were first to perform, with Brendan choosing ‘She,’ by Elvis Costello. A song from his wedding and which gave him precious memories of his late father.  We witnessed a magical, romantic performance with elegance and fluid symmetry. Brendan would have made his wife, and late father, very proud. The judges agreed, awarding the pair 39/40 and agreeing how beautiful the skate was.

Second on the ice were Kye and Tippy. ‘Stand By Me,’ by Ben E. King was the song of choice with Kye dedicating the song and performance to his mother who has been battling leukaemia. Kye completed a sterling skate and the pair were graceful, dynamic and had a beautiful connection for a deeply personal performance. The judges awarded the pair a full house of 9’s. Kye was beaming with his performance and rightly so. The judges were full of emotion and praise for the pair.

Kimberly and Mark were third to show off their skills. Skating to ‘We Found Love,’ by Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris. The song symbolised when Kimberly met her husband, Max, ten years ago and her gratitude for their love and family. The upbeat number was danced with energy, fast and fun choreography and some show stopping moves. Scoring a full house of 40, the pair were ecstatic. Judges appreciated the breadth of skills from Kimberly and the stylish dance.

Connor was up next with Alexandra, performing to one of his own songs with his band The Vamps. ‘Boys Will Cry’ was chosen to represent Connor’s experience of anxiety and mental ill health and his aim to help dissolve stigma for male mental ill health. The performance was strong and skilled and Connor and Alexandra have a wonderful on ice chemistry. Scoring 38, with feedback praising Connor for raising awareness of mental health and speaking out as well as his brilliant skating.

Regan was last to take to the ice, skating with Karina to ‘I Have Nothing,’ by Whitney Houston. Dedicated to his mother and the nurturing love and precious appreciation Regan has of her. The goosebump inducing performance was powerful, poignant and absolutely beautiful. Scoring a perfect 40, the pair were delighted and the judges felt the routine was incredible. Full of praise, it left Regan overwhelmed with emotion.

It was soon time for the skate off, with three couples competing for two places in the final. Kye and Tippy, Kimberly and Mark and Connor and Alexandra were chosen by the public and skated for what would be the last time for two couples. The judges unanimously chose Kimberly and Mark, leaving Kye and Tippy and Connor and Alexandra to say goodbye.

Credit: ITV

Brendan and Vanessa alongside Regan and Karina and Kimberly and Mark will be skating for the winner’s crown in two weeks’ time. It’s impossible to say who could win between these consistent high scorers! Have you got a favourite? I know I certainly have!

Switch on for the Dancing On Ice final, Sunday 27th March on ITV.

Helen Aitchison

Helen is a journalist for Radio Gateshead, a local lass who has spent the last two decades working in health and social care. She has recently set up a community interest company called Write on the Tyne which amalgamates her passion for supporting and empowering marginalised groups to thrive with her love of writing. Her debut novel, The Dinner Club, was released in March 2022 with UK based Cahill Davis Publishing, and her second book The Life and Love (Attempts) of Kitty Cook will be released in March 2023.