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It’s the final at last, of our favourite show on ice, Dancing On Ice! The final three celebrities were joined by the former contestants in the audience as the show started with plenty of sparkle, pzazz and promise.

Holly was back after having Covid, looking stunning in gold alongside a dapper Phil.

For the final show of the series, the viewing public vote alone will determine the winner of series 14. As the show started, so did the opportunity to vote for your favourite.

First up for the critical performances was Regan and Karina. Skating to ‘Step In Time,’ by Mary Poppins Original London Cast, the pair scored a top 40 points. The couple performed with the usual charm and chemistry with great character and personality, as recognised by the judges.

Next up to skate were Kimberley and Mark. With a theme of the very childhood dream Kimberly held, to become a figure skater, the performance was bound to be emotionally fuelled. Dancing to ‘River’ by Joni Mitchell, the pair were mesmerising and gracefully. Joined by other skaters, some of the moves were breath-taking and the judges agreed, scoring the skate a sublime 40.

Last of our trio to skate for the first time were Brendan and Vanessa. Performing to ‘Carmen Medley’ by George Bizet, the performance was expected to be as powerful as the music. It didn’t disappoint and the pair looked ever the professionals in their Spanish costumes as they skated with passion, pace and perfect symmetry. Another 40 score was awarded by the judges who couldn’t fault the dance.

The final three took to the ice again with Kimberley and Mark skating to the sensual ‘Santa Maria,’ by Gotan Project, for the second time this series. The sultry performance had chemistry and passion alongside outstanding skill. Another score of 40 from our favourite judges.

Regan and Karina went back in time next, reflecting on their skating journey and re-skating ‘Barnum,’ by Cy Coleman and Michael Reed Orchestra. The ever smiling Regan gave it his all, enjoying the theatrical, quirky and fun side of the skate. The circus themed performance scored the “Big Top” 40!

Last to perform for round two were Brendan and Vanessa. Repeating their spectacular dance to ‘Falling’ by Harry Styles from props week. The elegant, beautiful performance had majestic allure that left Ashley saying it would be an “Iconic Dancing On Ice performance.” An easy 40.

It was then time to say goodbye to one of the couples. After a tense wait, it was Kimberly and Mark who were announced as coming in third place. Watching over their best bits, was emotional for the pair who were undoubtably brilliant skaters. The Twitter community agreed with the decision, with many Tweets saying “The right couple got third place.”

Kimberly and Mark’s departure meant Brendan and Vanessa and Regan and Karina would be fighting for the trophy. The task was for both couples to skate the iconic ‘Bolero’ by Maurice Ravel, made famous by Torvill and Dean all those years ago winning Olympic gold.

First up were Regan and Karina. Regan was emotionally humble for the opportunity and demonstrated his gentle and grateful personality whilst receiving the feedback from the judges. Brendan and Vanessa took to the ice, with a powerful, bold rendition of the dance. Brendan has perhaps always just had the edge on the best skater; his posture, strength and dancing experience an ever presence on the ice. But would it win him the overall trophy of Series 14?

Then it was over to us, the voting viewers, for the final time! With all former contestants coming onto the stage, the tension was high. Phil announced the winner; Regan and Karina! A delighted and overwhelmed Regan gratefully received the trophy with Karina as the studio audience cheered.

Credit: ITV

What a finale! A firm favourite of my own and of many of us viewers from day 1, I was delighted that Regan and Karina won. He seems such a genuine person, with a wonderful personality and brilliant skating abilities. Well done Regan, you had the blades of glory! For now, Dancing On Ice hangs up it’s skates, until next time! I don’t know about you, but I will be heading off to the local ice rink!

The judges loved the performance and felt the connection of the pair, who beamed with delight at their skate and feedback.

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