Credit: Anime Attacks Instagram

Selling cupcakes and watching anime is Anime Attacks unique fundraiser to help those in Ukraine.

Anime Attacks is ran by a small group of young people and they have take initiative to host their own fundraiser. It will take place in Gateshead Library on March 19th with an entry fee of £2 or an item of need. Everything raised will be sent straight to Ukraine.

The Anime Club Fundraiser consists of showing anime, competitions, as well as cupcakes being sold. Again all profits will go to Ukraine. If you enjoy anime or just want a chance to socialise with others, this fundraiser will allow you to have an enjoyable day whilst playing your part to aid Ukraine.

It is amazing to see young people helping to raise money for those in need. I hope this fundraiser will be success and that is able to provide help to as many people as possible. To find out more about this event please go to Anime Attacks Instagram.

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Keira Edwards

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