After a fierce battle with the USA, the ROC is the team that takes home the gold.

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Competed across the 4th, 6th and 7th of February. Teams featuring a solo male and female skater, a pair and an ice dance pair took to the ice in the Winter Olympics. 10 teams took part in the first rotation which is the technical program, also known as the short program. However, five teams were then knocked out as the competition moved onto it’s second rotation, the free program.

After the short program, USA was in the lead after a phenomenal skate from the male single skater, Nathan Chen. They were followed very closely by the ROC who were looking to claim that top spot from them. They proceeded to do just that in the free program with a first place in the pair skating and women’s. The USA was now left in an uncomfortable position with Japan nipping at their heels and beginning to produce some high scoring athletes.

A medal began to seem likely for Japan after Yuma Kagiyama topped the leaderboard in the men’s free program, massively boosting their overall score. Unfortunately for him, his stunning performance got usurped by women’s reigning world champion Kamila Valieva, 15, from the ROC. Despite her young age, Kamila still remained unbeaten in her free skate, scoring over 30 points higher than second place. Not only was her score high, Kamila also became the first woman to ever land a quadruple jump in the Winter Olympics. She didn’t just land one quadruple, she landed two and unfortunately fell on her third. But that didn’t matter as she gave the final score the ROC needed to secure their gold medal.

The positions after the team event were the ROC winning gold, USA silver and Japan bronze. Many of the athletes who medalled in the team event will be back for their individual events.

You can watch the figure skating on BBC and iPlayer, Discovery+ and Eurosport.

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