Credit: Primark / Greggs

Fans of Greggs were shocked and delighted to find out that fashion giant Primark and bakery chain Greggs were set to collaborate together.

Today, Primark and Greggs launched their brand new range in Newcastle, with shoppers flogging to the shop to take a peak.

Credit: Primark

From t-shirts, to trainers to even flip flops, the range had it all, and sold out within a few hours!

Many fans took to social media to express their thoughts on this unusual but also humorous collaboration.

Alice tweeted: ”The Primark Greggs range is… interesting.”

Marcus said: ”The Greggs/Primark collection is giving iconic looks.”

Sophie tweeted: “Imagine if you met a guy and then found out he wore Greggs pants?”

Credit: Primark Steak Bake anyone?

Its safe to say that the range has very mixed opinions, both good and, well, interesting!

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