Northern Powergrid Error - Set To Pay Customers Trillions

Published Monday, 14th February 2022
By James Cowen

Credit: Unknown

Northern Powegrid have recently made an error, sending letters telling customers that they are owed trillions of pounds in compensation.

Storm Arwen brought power cables down, damage to cars and even houses, and those who were without power were left a huge surprise from the energy firm.

Those who were entitled to compensation took to Twitter, in which the company sent them a letter stating they were owed trillions - £2,324,252,080,110 to be precise.

One user said: "Thank you for our compensation payment, Northern Powergrid, for the several days we were without power following Storm Arwen.

"Before I bank the cheque, however, are you 100% certain you can afford this? #trillionpounds".

74 people also received the shock letter, although, Northern Powergrid did state this was, of course, an error.

A spokesperson said: "As soon as we identified the clerical error, which was caused by the electricity meter reference number being incorrectly quoted as the payment sum, we ensured all 74 customers' cheques were stopped so they could not be cashed.

"We have been investigating how this error happened and carrying out checks of previous payments.

"All indications are that this was an isolated incident.

"We thank those customers who were honest and contacted us and we have been making contact directly over the weekend with all 74 customers affected to make them aware, apologise for the error and reassure them that a correct payment will be issued to them on Monday."

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