Credit: McDonalds

It is an incredible day for McDonalds fans, as the fast food chain unveil the new chicken Big Mac and other new menu items.

Priced at £4.09, the chicken Big Mac features two chicken patties, lettuce, cheese and the legendary Big Mac sauce.

If you fancy fries and a drink, the price of a chicken Big Mac Meal is £5.99.

What else is being added to the menu?

Credit: McDonalds

Who doesn’t love a McFlurry? Well, the McDonalds Galaxy salted caramel McFlurry is making its long-awaited return to the fast food chain’s menu.

Credit: McDonalds

A firm fan favourite, the delicious Mozzarella Dippers are returning, in which you can choose from three dippers or a share box, if you fancy a few more!

Credit: McDonalds

There was an outrage when the Chicken Legend disappeared from the menu, well, it is good news for those fans, as the Chicken Legend has returned from today (2nd February).

Prices may vary by restaurant.

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