Luge Relay: The Wacky Races of the Winter Olympics

Published Saturday, 12th February 2022
By Keira Edwards

Credit: Winter Olympics

Luge relay is the craziest team event of the Winter Olympics.

The last event of the luge and certainly the most thrilling to watch is the luge relay. Each time consists of four members, a female competitor, a male competitor and the doubles pair. Getting the fastest track time and reaction time is the aim of the competition. The faster the second and third sleds get out the starting block, the more fractions of second they'll gain.

However, not everyone can always make it down to the finish. There is a paddle each member of the team has to hit, this either opens the gate for the next teammate to go or stops the clock. Failure to hit this paddle and the team gets a DNF (did not finish).

To make the luge relay fairer on smaller countries, there can be only one competing team per country, meaning there won't be Germany 1 and Germany 2. This allowed for smaller countries to take a medal position instead of the bigger countries ruling the top three.

The further through luge relay you get, the more exciting it gets. Teams get faster and faster and the first place team gets constantly overtaken. The last run especially, had you on the edge of your seat, with Germany's final push to take the gold from Austria. In the end, Germany won by 0.08 seconds, claiming the gold. Austria placed second and Latvia third, 0.948 seconds behind the lead.

To watch more of the Winter Olympics or to catch up on what you've missed, watch on BBC iPlayer, Discovery+ and Eurosport.

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