Credit: McDonalds

Fast food chain McDonalds is quite often known for having temperamental ice cream machines, that seem to have a mind of their own!

Whether you fancy a McFlurry, ice cream or even a a cold drink, there’s nothing worse than turning up and finding out the machine is out of action and missing out!

Well, good news, there is a website which can tell you whether the machine is on or not.

Credit: Mcbroken

Mcbroken tells you when when and where there is a McDonalds fast food restaurant and if you’re in luck to enjoy an ice cold treat.

 It was launched by 24-year-old Rashiq Zahid who is a software engineer in he US. Locations with a working machine get a green dot and those without, a red dot.

It came after Zahid visited a McDonalds and tried to order ice cream on the touch screen kiosk, but could not.

“I was like, there must be something that can be done about this,” Zahid said. 

Click here to find out whether the ice-cream machine is on or off near you (if it’s bad news, don’t say we didn’t pre-warn you!)

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