Gateshead Valentines Fair Organisers Give Final Statement On Whether It Will Go Ahead

Published Thursday, 10th February 2022
By James Cowen

Credit: Team Valley Valentines Fair

Recently, we have reported on the popular Valentines Fun Fair, in Gateshead, on whether it would go ahead or not this year.

The organisers stated that it was cancelled due to loss of land, and then stated they were looking for a new area to host the site on.

Well, the team have released an official statement as to whether it would definitely go ahead or not in 2022.

Taking to Facebook, they released this statement.

''Really, really sorry folks, but there will be no Valentines Fun Fair 2022Owing to the time required for organising an event of the size of Valentines Fun Fair, we don't have enough time to work with the alternative site to get everything ready to open.''

''We have worked hard over the last 4 days with the land owners and council, it's nobody's fault, just the time required, so please don't go blaming Gateshead Council who have been amazing with their help and guidance.''

''So, sorry everyone but we really are saying now there will be no Valentines Fun Fair 2022I can confirm that we do have a number of other events that we will be running and involved with over the next 12 months, so, keep an eye on the page for all updates. The Valentines Fun Fair and M&C Funfairs Team''

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