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It’s week six already of the greatest show on ice and the theme for this week’s Dancing On Ice is “Musicals.” With a special guest judge, Dame Arlene Philips and an intense judges challenge; a combination jump of at least two jumps in succession, the show started on a high.

First up to impress the judges were Regan Gascoigne and Karina Manta. Dancing to ‘You Can’t Stop The Beat,’ from Hairspray, Regan was determined to make up for his stumbles last week. After celebrating his 26th Birthday this week, the celebrations continued on the ice, with a funky, colourful and skill displaying show starter. Scoring an impressive 45/50, Regan and Karina clearly enjoyed their performance and the feedback had Regan beaming, as Arlene called the performance “Delightful.”

Kimberly Wyatt and Mark Hanretty were up next, skating to ‘Don’t Rain on My Parade,’ from Funny Girl. Elegant and full of smiles, Kimberly and Mark danced with grace, pizazz and expert symmetry.

Completing the judges challenge with style, the judges were exceptionally impressed. All scoring the pair a 9.5, resulting in total of 47.5! This pair were rightly ecstatic of their teamwork. 

Stef Reid and Andy Buchanan had a fantastic week last week, scoring their highest score of the season. Back this week, they performed to ‘One (Reprise) / Finale,’ from A Chorus Line. With a show stopping spin to finish the dance, the performance was filled with energy, flexibility and brilliant choreography. Scoring 33; 8.5 from the four regular judges and a disappointing 7.5 from Arlene, feedback highlighted progression in the pairs skating and delivering joy to the audience.

Credit: ITV

Next trying to skate to success was Bez and Angela Egan. Dancing to the legendary ‘Bat Out of Hell,’ from Bat Out of Hell: The Musical, Bez had smiles on his face throughout and definitely continues to give us the entertainment factor. A dynamic, energetic and fun dance, Bez and Angela scored 22.5. Feedback from the judges encouraged Bez to move out of his comfort zone and push himself, given the stage of the show we are now at. Twitter fans were commenting en masse that it was a great tribute to the late Meatloaf who sadly passed away in January.

Kye Whyte and Tippy Packard graced the ice next. The pair performed to ‘Consider Yourself,’ from the classic Oliver! Completing the judges challenge with what looked like ease, Kye and Tippy danced with character, charm and entertaining harmony. Scoring two 9’s from the judges, the pair achieved their highest score. The panel loved their choreography and energy, leaving the pair proud as punch with their 43/50 total! 

Sally Dynevor and Matt Evers danced to ‘My Favourite Things,’ from The Sound of Music. Sally had a great Julie Andrews look and there was a lovely stage touch, with some young skaters performing. Sally always seems to give off happy and grateful vibes, it’s hard not to soak up her enthusiasm. With a total score of 31.5, Arlene gave the pair a low 5, commented that Sally’s performance was the “Best storytelling,” but she wanted to see more “Guts and pushing herself.” Chris gave a generous 7 and felt Sally was doing more movements and had increased confidence. 

Second last to wow our judges were Connor Ball and Alexandra Schauman, skating to ‘Stars,’ from Les Misérables. The pair danced with beauty, connection and strong lifts, despite a fall that cost them some points. With an overall score of 40.5 the judges acknowledged the recovery of the fall, the different skating style for Connor and the emotion between the pair.

Last on the ice was Brendan Cole and Brendyn Hatfield. Brendyn was stepping in for Vanessa Bauer after she sustained an injury. The new pair danced to ‘Beggin’,’ by Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons from Jersey Boys. A sensational, magnetic performance, the pair were awarded a score of 47 and the first 10 of the series, from Arlene! A phenomenal dance for a new partnered pair, this vibrant, magnetic performance absolutely deserved the score and Twitter fans echoed the praise. 

After the public vote this week, Sally and Matt alongside Bez and Angela were in the bottom two for the skate off. With five votes against zero, the judges saved Sally and Matt and it was an unhappy Sunday to Bez as he and Angela left the show!

Sadly, no celebrity skated to my favourite musical, The Phantom of the Opera, but this week really showed the strengths and limitations of our celebrities. With the successful addition of Arlene and Twitter trending that she was, “The voice of the nation, telling it as it is,” it may be that we see her, or another expert judge join the panel before the series is over.

Next week it’s “Props,” week, so let’s wait and see what our favourite celebs bring along with them on the night!

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Helen Aitchison

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