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North Tyneside, Newcastle and Sunderland’s councils are all holding acts of remembrance for this year’s Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD). This year’s theme is ‘One Day’. One day can be interpreted in many different ways such as, one day to remember the Holocaust or one day during the Holocaust.

What is HMD?

This is an event held on or around the 27th of January to commemorate those who died in the Holocaust. Even though the Holocaust is its main feature, HMD also focuses on other genocides such as Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia and Darfur . This is to create awareness of other killings across the globe in an attempt to stop history repeating itself. The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, an organisation set up specifically to help us learn the lessons from the Holocaust say that they ‘hope that there may be One Day in the future with no genocide.’

Throughout this week, there are many events held locally, nationally and internationally to shine a spotlight on the Holocaust and other genocides. Many different people take part, including survivors, religious leaders, schools and community groups. Their aim is to share words of remembrance.

Unfortunately due to Covid, the North Tyneside, Newcastle and Sunderland events have all been moved online. However, St Mary’s Lighthouse will still be lit up purple as part of this remembrance week. If you aren’t looking to listen to speeches, there is another event that may catch your attention. Running from January 22nd – February 10th, the Brundibár Arts Festival, ran by Alexandra Raikhlina celebrates the music written within the camps. Again this is to raise awareness of the Holocaust but to also appreciate the music that was created Holocaust.

HMD is an important time for Jews across the globe and many create works to show its significance.

This is a poem called ‘One Day’ written by Bess Robertson, the chair of the Darlington Reform Hebrew Congregation.

One day there will be peace on all the earth
Every man, woman and child will know their worth
One day the autumn with its red, gold and browns
Will be so vibrant on hills and downs
One day the spring will usher forth flowers
A beautiful season on this planet of ours
One day we will come to realise

That we have done well, without compromise
One day in future generations
We pray for love and peace among nations
One day our compassion will become our main joy
Not riches, not power, nor wars that destroy
One Day you will stand proud and tall,
You haven’t forgotten, you remember it all
One day we will learn the lesson so clearly
Lest we forget, remember it yearly.
One day. One day, one day

To view the remembrance videos from North Tyneside, Newcastle and Sunderland Council please click here.

To view more information about the Brundibár Arts Festival please click here.

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