The superb Aurora Borealis lights up the sky in the North East.

Credit: Paul Appleby

The Northern Lights, a phenomenon which dazzles each year, has been spotted lighting up the North East of England.

In a recent interview with Aiden Mills from Radio Gateshead, the photographer of the fantastic picture above, Paul Appleby, has said “It’s always astounding to see the Northern Lights in Northumberland. The Aurora Borealis is often associated with places much further North, but to witness it in the North east is always a privilege”.  

Aurora Borealis, known as the Northern Lights is a natural event which can be seen when atoms in the Earths high altitude atmosphere collide with energetically charged particles from the sun, causing a spectacular light display. Paul Appleby described the event by saying “It’s also a little terrifying to think that the beautiful lightshow we see is actually the suns protons slamming against the earths ‘force field’, without which the earth would look like mars!”.

The spectacular display was seen in Scotland, Northumberland, South Tyneside, and as far down as Teesside. Simon Woodley who witnessed the display in South Shields and described it as “Incredible to see”, as well as describing it as “cold but lovely”.

It is incredibly rare to see this event this far south with the Northern Lights mostly visible in, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Canada, Finland, and Greenland primarily.

Credit: Paul Appleby

Aiden Mills

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