REVIEW: Theatre Royal’s Pantomime Heads To The Stage For The First Time In Two Years

Published Saturday, 1st January 2022
By Keira Edwards

After being forced to cancel in 2020, the Theatre Royal's pantomime heads to the stage for the first time in two years.

After two years, the Theatre Royal's pantomime production of 'Snow White' heads to the stage.

This production, said to be the best yet, was unfortunately hit by covid a week into shows, being forced to cancel a week of show's as the cast isolated.

Many people unluckily lost their tickets altogether, but some, like myself, were fortunate enough to be able to rebook. 

However, when the pantomime commenced again, after the isolation period was over, it took four days until the entire cast could be on stage together.

In an announcement after the bows had ended, comedian Danny Adams stated that on the 29th of December, that it was the first time he was able to perform with a full cast, as in previous show's both Clive Webb and Mick Potts were missing.

But the show had to go on and was performed multiple times with different cast members until all were safely over COVID.

The closure of the pantomime for five days had a massive effect on the Theatre Royal, as one of its employee's said that the theatre relies heavily on the pantomime to fund the next year's set of performances. Despite that, the Theatre Royal did their best to keep as many show's going as possible from the moment it was safe, which allowed many disheartened people a chance to go and see the pantomime, especially after they revoked two of the cancelled dates, taking the cancellation from seven days to five.

Credit: Joe McElderry (via his Instagram)

Whilst in the theatre, COVID measures were put in place, such as, having to wear a mask at all times, even when at your seat. Place cards would be held up just before the show started and the employee who would guide you to your seat would also remind you, as to further reinforce this rule.

This mask rule was also to facilitate the lack of social distancing within the theatre, as there were no gaps between household bubbles, which made people feel safer about coming to the show.

The pantomime itself was definitely not one to forget. As a family friendly show, Danny and Clive are the master of dual meaning innuendo's. Anything remotely inappropriate will go straight over young children's heads, whilst having the adults in hysterics. Although, at times, it was obvious that the script had been rewritten multiple times, due to the past few years, it somehow made some of the scenes funnier.

It was seen in a number of places, the cast poking fun at each other for forgetting the lines or being able to adlib when something goes wrong, which added to charm of the pantomime itself.

Without giving too much away, because of the effects of covid on the cast, multiple features that it is known for were, unfortunately, not present this year. However, what was done to make up for it was some of the funniest, and rudest, sketches I have ever seen done in this pantomime before and some phenomenal songs by Joe McElderry.

But not everything was taken out of this year's show, there were still the Elvis references, dances and you mustn't forget the flying object that is the signature end of the first half.

Overall, whilst the pantomime has struggled massively due to the pandemic, it was still a joy to witness and has been one of their best shows yet.

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