Peaky Blinders Season 6 'The Shelby Dynasty Under Threat'

Published Saturday, 22nd January 2022
By Stephen Hopper

Credit: BBC

Peaky Blinders Season 6 has fans of the BBC Drama anticipating fireworks and excitement. The Peaker Blinders release date for the new season is a closely guarded secret. Lead man Cillian Murphy aka Tommy Shelby will go up against his foe Oswald Mosely in an eagerly anticipated battle for supremacy.

In Season 5 a failed assassination attempt on Mosley by Shelby continues into Season 6 and promises to shock fans of the show. Season 6 promises to be dark and heavy according to NME contributor Andrew Trendell. Rumours are circulating as to whether Tommy Shelby and or Michael Gray will survive the season finale?. Peaky Blinder writer Steven Knight has teased the last few episodes of the show will be different to what the shows fans would expect. Steven had originally planned to end the show before World War Two. Steven Knight teased the season finale will end with the sound of air raid sirens over Birmingham reports the BBC.

Steven Knight the shows writer had admitted to changing his mind. Steven has been quoted by BBC "It was always about Britain between the wars and the lesson from one war hadn't been learned and was repeated". The show will enter the second world war and beyond.

The 'Peaky Blinders' movie is in the pipeline which we are lead to believe will continue through the second world war. Steven Knight told Empire that he wants to keep going the energy for the show is as strong as ever. How can Steven fill the void by the tragic passing of Aunt Polly(Helen McCrory)who sadly passed away in April last year.

Oswald Mosley will be a fierce competitor to Tommy after the failed assassination attempt. Alfie Solomon who returns in Season 6 has fans asking will be friend or foe of The Shelby Clans empire. Tommy has his back against the wall with a number of enemies out to destroy him!. Who can Tommy trust the plot thickens.

Steven has spoken to BBC Breakfast teased "its a matter of weeks but is sworn to secrecy". Fans of the show cant wait to see the return of the popular Birmingham drama. Will this be the best season yet? they hype is building for an explosive and gripping season finale.

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