Written by Iona Todd

Credit: PA

The PDC World Darts Championship took place on Saturday, January 1st, and saw Newcastle-born novice, Callan Rydz, endure a noble defeat against current World Matchplay Champion, Peter Wright.

Rydz, an underdog of the PDC, played whilst the crowd sang football tunes as he led the match 3-0. After 8 strenuous sets, Peter ‘Snakebite’ Wright vengefully clawed his way to winner as he pipped Rydz with a 5-4 win.

Callan ‘The Riot’ Rydz gave up his passion of BMX riding to focus on darts, after a crash during lockdown saw him break three bones.

Representing his hometown with a black and white darts shirt, Rydz pushed into the final sets before Peter Wright’s cool composure saw him reaffirm his World Champion status.

After the match, Rydz tweeted, “Gotta say again thank you everyone for the support it means a lot…I’ll be back next year well hopefully anyways thank you PDC…”.

Fans took to Twitter, with Jack calling Rydz a, “LEGEND,” whilst Laura prompted that Rydz, “isn’t done yet!”.

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