Credit: Claire Eason Soul2Sand / SWNS

A huge sinkhole has recently appeared at a Sunderland beauty spot.

It is a natural phenomenon, which has been nicknamed Souter hole, it first appeared in 2003 a small fraction of the size but it has widened every year since. Souter Hole is in the Whitburn area, near Sunderland, and around 200 yards away from Souter lighthouse, hence the name.

Due to the size that it has grown a hidden beach has been unearthed, with water forcing its way through a small crack in the cliff wall.

The land is owned by the National Trust, who have released a statement advising people to stay well away from the area.

They said: ”We want all of our visitors to have an enjoyable, relaxed and safe visit to Whitburn Coastal Park. By its nature the coastline is constantly changing, with some areas particularly prone to erosion and landslips.

This sink hole first appeared around 2003 and is regularly surveyed. We have put up fencing and warning signs around this sink hole, which is away from the main path running along the cliff tops of The Leas and Whitburn Coastal Park, known locally as The Wherry.”

”There are warning signs at key points along the cliff edges, as well as visitor information panels in each car park.”

Adding ”We’d urge people to take a moment to look at these signs, and to stick to the main paths to keep themselves, their children, and their dogs safe.”

Aiden Mills

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