Mrs Browns Boys - Fans Can't Help But Notice One Thing During The Show

Published Saturday, 1st January 2022
By James Cowen

Credit: BBC

Mrs Browns Boys is a family favourite at Christmas and New Year, with the show bringing humour to thousands across the nation. 

The New Years special edition of the show aired on New Years Day, but fans couldn't help noticing one thing during the show.

During a few scenes, in the brown kitchen (one of the iconic sets on the show), eagle-eyed fans noticed that something kept changing.

During scenes where Cathy, Winnie and, of course, Mrs Brown, were in the kitchen - mugs in the kitchen seemed to keep changing.

Credit: BBC

In the first scenes, Mrs Browns mug was white with various spots dotted around it.

In the same scenes just seconds between, the mug was then changed to what looked like a white mug with a dragonfly on it, despite no scene changes in between.

Credit: BBC

As usual, fans of the show took to social media to share their thoughts on the show.

Mark tweeted "Mugs keep changing style" - while also adding the hashtag #MrsBrownsBoys.

While James tweeted "Anyone else notice the mugs keep changing" with a laughing emoji and the hashtag #MrsBrownsBoys.

Could this be that scenes had to be re-shot at different parts of filming due to technical issues?

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