Michelle Heaton Celebrates 9 Months Sober Milestone

Published Friday, 28th January 2022
By James Cowen

Credit: @wonderwomanshel (Instagram)

Gateshead star Michelle Heaton has celebrated her 9 month sober milestone with glamorous photographs and a makeover.

Taking to her Instagram on Friday, the Liberty X singer and personal trainer told her 306k followers that she was 'grateful to wake up 9 months sober and clean'.

Michelle checked in to The Priory last year and completed a 12-step rehab programme, and is hoping to use her platform to help others. 

"I suppose my hopes and goals is to continue my journey absolutely but to give it back, too. To give it back I remain more sober, and when I say more sober, I'm obviously sober, but it's just a term that we use."

"I want to work in all areas in sobriety and to spread the programme around, whether it's working with kids, youths of today, hospitals, hospices and prisons alike, that's my goal next year, 2022."

She also added "I'm telling you all you can have a life of freedom if you want it."

Credit: @wonderwomanshel (instagram)

Heaton also shared some photographs of her new makeover, in which she celebrated her milestone by going to a London salon and beautician. She ended her post stating she "felt a million dollars".

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