Metrocentre Tease They Are Bringing Back 90s Look

Published Wednesday, 5th January 2022
By James Cowen

Credit: Unknown / Metrocentre

Metrocentre was once known for its unique look, filled with trees, waterfalls, floating balloons, and not to mention Metroland. Yes, there was a theme park inside of a shopping centre, right here in Gateshead.

A Look Back - Metrocentre in the 90s

Credit: Metrocentre

The centre was a green-filled oasis, with plants and trees above and below the malls. Flower boxes were also filled with greenery, and when you looked down, there was an array of vintage stalls. From sweets, handmade clothes and more.

Credit: Metrocentre

The Antiques Village had its very own water feature, with flowers dotted around the water. Keeping within the theme, there was, of course, plenty of greenery to enjoy too.

The Antiques Village is still there today, without the water fall unfortunately. The village includes a cafe, barber shops, opticians, jewellers and more.

Credit: Tark / Metrocentre

The Mediterranean Village, which was a re-make of Southern Europe, included some incredible restaurants including delicious Chinese food. The village was complete with Romeo and Juliet balconies and rustic style buildings.

Another water feature was installed here, in which visitors and shoppers liked to chucked their spare change in to!

Credit: Metrocentre

Black and white image of the Mediterranean Village.

Metroland - A Look Back

Credit: Metroland - Metrocentre - 1990

Metroland was definitely a North East favourite. Whether you spent your Saturday on the rides, soft play or arcade, it was certainly every kids dream.

No theme park would be complete without fun, in which there was an American style diner and a food court.

Credit: Metroland / Metrocentre

Fast forward a few years, and Metroland was re-branded as 'The New Metroland' with a fancy new look. Thousands of families queued each week to enjoy all the fun at the fair (theme park!).

1990s To Now - Metrocentre

Many shoppers have noticed that Metrocentre have teased that they could be bringing back some of the old 90s features.

Shoppers were quick to snap photos of a board inside the centre which talks about bringing back the greenery into the malls.

Metrocentre were unable to comment as of yet, but it sure sounds promising.

Fans have asked the centre for a number of years to bring back features such as the plants, trees, waterfalls and even Metroland.

We will wait and see what happens!

Would you like the centre to bring back some of the old features? Let us know @radiogateshead on social media!

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