Local Residents ‘Concerned’ About Traffic On Whitehills Estate, Woodburn

Published Tuesday, 11th January 2022
By Stephen Hopper

Traffic on Whitehills estate in particular Woodburn has local residents raising concerns about speeding traffic. Over recent months mounting concern has arisen amongst local residents regarding speeding traffic along the main road.

One resident I spoke to who chose to remain anonymous said.

"Gateshead Council chose to erect speed information signs to prevent an accident". Adding that "They themselves contacted Gateshead Council via email which resulted in the speed information signs being erected on Woodburn".

Local residents feel speed ramps would be more beneficial to preventing the speeding issue along the main road and around the Whitehills Estate in general.

A resident in the local community chose to comment saying:

"The speeding continues into the night and the early hours including speeding motorcycles".

On various occasions, traffic parked on the side of the road was passed, which has resulted in travelling vehicles moving across the road with no thought of on coming traffic.

There are also worries about children, with a child's play area being situated on the same stretch of road.

Stephen Hopper, from Radio Gateshead, contacted Neil Frier, Network Manager for Highways and Waste at Gateshead Council.

He said: "The Council did erect two speed information signs on the road which inform drivers of their speeds to help them maintain the speed limit of 30mph". Mr Frier commented further "The signs were erected at the request of councillors and are the first measures to be introduced when a proposed 20mph limit is introduced".

Mr Frier added: "Currently the council is forwarding all of the funding it receives from central government for traffic calming into the 20mph programme. The council views road safety as an important issue and has an approved programme for the introduction of 20mph zones as part of the Council Speed Hierarchy Policy".

He also confirmed "The development of this speed limit hierarchy throughout Gateshead is a complex and expensive task and it is evident that a comprehensive amendment to the existing speed hierarchy could not be created and implemented as a single project. The council has decided to create an overarching vision encompassing the development and introduction of a 20mph strategy for the borough".

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