Geordie YouTuber Hires £5k Projector To Project Dad Jokes Onto Angel Of The North

Credit: Max Fosh

Geordie YouTuber Max Fosh has spent £5,000 hiring a projector to project the worst Dad jokes ever on to Gateshead’s iconic Angel Of The North.

Taking to Instagram, Fosh said:

Max Fosh (Instagram)

In his YouTube video, in which he has over 600,000 subscribers, he said

“I love my dad very much, he’s a man who is warm, loves Les Miserables and has legally admitted I’m his favourite child.”

“But his favourite thing in the world by a long way has to be dad jokes.”

“I wanted to do something nice for the biggest dad joke teller I know, by taking my dad’s biggest dad joke, and really making it my dad’s biggest day.”

Max has made a name for himself, not only from his YouTube channel with his hilarious pranks, but he has even appeared on Australian television when he decided to search for a lady from a stock image. He even ran the London Mayoral Elections in 2021!

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