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One of the nation’s favourite competitions returned tonight for the third show in the series. Hosted by Phil and a stunningly dressed Holly, this weeks’ theme was ‘At The Movies.’ With promise of blockbuster performances and favourite film songs, we were all excited to see the stars shine! 

After last week’s first couple vote off and a goodbye to Ben Foden and dance partner, Robin Johnstone, 11 couples had been practicing all week for their few minutes in front of the judges and the voting public.

Opening the show was Kimberly Wyatt and Mark Hanretty, skating to family favourite, The Greatest Showman from the film of the same name. The confident performance gained the pair an outstanding 34, the highest score of the series yet and feedback from the judges on their energy and commitment. With pzazz and excellent choreography, it’s likely the partnership will only get better!

Liberty Poole and professional Joe Johnson grooved to I Like To Move It from Madagascar in entertaining animal costumes. With strong lifts and a rink full of fun, the pair earned themselves a respectable 27 from the four judges.

Next up was Connor Ball, teamed with Alexandrea Schauman. The pair danced to the catchy Footloose from the 1980’s cult classic Footloose. With funky choreography and great stage presence, the pair scored 30 from the impressed judges.

Fourth to do their much-practised routine was Stef Reid and partner, Andy Buchanan. The pair skated with chemistry and style to (I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life from the iconic Dirty Dancing. With several lifts, the pair showed strength and skill. Their performance earned them a score of 26 from the judges, which may have felt a little disappointing.

Rachel Stevens and partner, Brendyn Hatfield conducted their debut skate this week, after Rachel suffered an injury and stepped down last week. Skating to Lady Marmalade from Moulin Rouge, Rachel was graceful and looked striking in her outfit. Scoring a first skate score of 26.5, Rachel and Brendyn took on board the first lot of feedback from the judging panel. 

On the ice next was Sally Dynevor and Matt Evers, dancing to The Trolley Song from the 1944 classic musical, Meet Me In St. Louis. With great stage settings and an entertaining, animated performance, the pair gained a score of 26 from the judging panel with positive feedback but perhaps not the score to match. 

Ria Hebden and Łukasz Różycki danced to Into the Unknown from Frozen. Ria donned an Elsa outfit and Łukasz was dressed as prince Hans. The pair performed their hearts out, despite a small wobble and possible nerves from previously being in the skate off, they seemed to enjoy their dance. With a total score of 26, the judges enjoyed and willed them to build on their confidence.

Credit : ITV

Regan Gascoigne paired with Karina Manta, took to the ice with the classic Singin’ In The Rain from Singin’ In The Rain. With a magical, theatrical, confident performance, the pair were mesmerising. 33.5 was their awarded score, with the judges wanting the pair to push themselves even further in the upcoming week.

Next up and with their previous score of 12.5 to beat, was Bez and partner Angela Eagan. The partners performed to Raiders Of The Lost Ark from the action packed Indiana Jones. With fun stage props and some bold movements from Bez, the entertaining performance gained the pair 18 and gave us all a smile. With some positive and motivating feedback from the judges, Bez left the ice beaming.

Brendan Cole and Vanessa Bauer danced in synchronicity to the emotional Shallow from A Star Is Born. The hypnotic dance gained the pair a brilliant 33.5 and the first 9 of the series by Judge Ashley Banjo, calling the performance “Elegant and beautiful.”

Kye Whyte and Tippy Packard were sitting out this week after Kye fell on the ice in rehearsals, and sprained his knee. We hope to see the pair back performing next week.

Rachel and Brendyn alongside Ria and Łukasz were in the bottom two after the public vote, meaning both partnerships had to perform in the skate off. Both teams gave it their all with emotion and energy. With all judges choosing to save Rachel and Brendyn, it meant a goodbye to Ria and Łukasz, with a grateful Ria stating she will continue to skate and teach her Daughter to skate also.

Next Sunday’s theme, the most iconic dances in history, is bound to continue keeping us entertained!

Dancing On Ice returns Sunday at 6pm on ITV.

Helen Aitchison

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