'Dreamer' Singer Janice Robinson On Her Music Comeback

Published Tuesday, 18th January 2022
By James Cowen

Credit: Rex / Shutterstock

Janice Robinson shot to fame when she wrote and recorded the 1990s global hit ''Dreamer'' with Livin' Joy, which is known by many as one of the biggest and greatest dance hits of that decade.

Now, Janice is set to make her big comeback with a brand new version of 'Dreamer', teaming up with international DJ, DJ Lodato.

From taking a long hiatus to care for her sick parents, raising two daughters, teaming up with DJ David Morales, to her stint on The X Factor, Janice has certainty had an interesting few decades since 'Dreamer' was released.

Chatting to Daily Star, Janice said:

"I know my life, and it is inspiring. I handled all this, I just take it in. One minute I'm in Italy and living it up, and then I'm standing in front of 24 students in a classroom and I'm looking them in the eye and teaching them about goals and purpose.

"If I can get one person to understand that they have a purpose, then I am giving something to humanity."

After taking care of her family, Robinson was then asked if she would like to become a teacher, where she lives in Florida, in which she is the equivalent of an English teacher in the UK.

Janice is also set to release a documentary this year, in which she will chat about her life and career.

Credit: ITV / X Factor

Talking about the documentary and X Factor, she said:

 "I'm going to speak about the beautiful side of that experience, and that was that it created a lot of hope for people. When they found out I was 50, it made them feel like you could just go out and do what you love.

"When you love something it never feels like work. I just believe in myself."

However, being on The X Factor made Janice feel like she was in "Back to The Future" as she said she was "still in the '90".

She said: "Now kids want to be like a TV contestant, it wasn't like that in my day. You really had to show up with the goods, you didn't get glam squads or a team to make you a star.

"Being in that house... I enjoyed the facials, I enjoyed the trainers, makeup artists, dinner, for me it was like a spa."

Credit: Janice Robinson (@janicelovesmusic)

'Dreamer' Janice Robinson and DJ Lodato will be released on 25th February to download and stream, Robinson is extremely happy and thrilled with the release.

 "The drop is at a different time, it's really interesting the way it's been done. I was never thinking of re-recording, but the thing I like most about the rework is how I sound.''

"With all the technology, and my voice is older, it sounds like it could be Dua Lipa singing - I probably inspired Dua Lipa and now Dua Lipa is inspiring me!"

Janice continued: "I'm so excited for the people, so excited for this generation. I want to see the kids doing it, I want to see them rapping it.''

Do you have any memories of the original ''Dreamer'' track? Let us know on social media @radiogateshead!

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