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The period people must self-isolate for following a positive Covid-19 test Is being reduced to 5 full days.

This was announced by the health secretary Sajid Javid, announcing that the government had decided to further reduce the self-isolation period from 7 days to 5 days.

In order to be able to end your self-isolation period you must test negative for coronavirus on the fifth and sixth day.

The change comes into effect from Monday, 17th January 2022. The change is designed to minimize the impact which positive covid-19 tests are having on organisations across the nation.

In the announcement, Health Secretary Sajid Javid said: “UKHSA data shows that around two-thirds of positive cases are no longer infectious by the end of day five and we want to use the testing capacity that we’ve built up to help these people leave isolation safely.”

The USA cut the self-isolation period down to 5 days at the end of last year and the UK has been urged to do the same since then.

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