Tyne Bridge – Appearance Would Have Been Fixed If It Was In London

Earlier this year, we reported how local residents shared their views on the current state of Newcastle and Gateshead’s iconic Tyne Bridge.

Many stated the Bridge is simply ‘rusting away’.

It came after the iconic Tyne Bridge, opened in 1928, was shown across the nation on television as part of the Great North Run coverage in September. 

A bid of 19 million pounds had been submitted to central government to restore the bridge. 

Gateshead Council are still asking the government to accept the bid. Council leader Martin Gannon said in a statement at the time:

“We have put bids in and we are urging the government to come up with the funding to bring it back to its former glory.”

Credit: Radio Gateshead (Gateshead News)

Across the Tyne, in June, Newcastle City Council leader Nick Forbes said:

“The bridge requires a major overhaul that will require a level of funding way beyond what the city can provide. National investment is vital, and we continue to work with the government to make progress and bring this structure back to its former glory.” 

Newcastle City Council previously asked the government for a central bid of 18 million pounds to give the bridge its first maintenance in over 20 years. The result for the bid will be decided around the Autumn time of this year.

A meeting was recently held with the Joint Bridges Committee, in which local councillors discusses whether the government would be able to fund the cost of the repairs. We will find out more when the figures of how much the repairs will cost once they are sent off by Spring.

The committees’ chair, and Newcastle Labour councillor, John-Paul Stephenson, told local press “We all know the appalling state of it, the rust, the peeling paint. It is not what we want to see for such an iconic structure in our region. If this had been in London then it would have been sorted by now”.

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