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Newcastle United star Shola Ameobi brought festive cheer at a Christmas party for homeless and vulnerable residents of Newcastle.

The party was all thanks to The People’s Kitchen, who are based on Bath Lane, which has helped over 300 people during the pandemic, helping to dish out hot food and drinks.

Highlights PR / The People’s Kitchen

On Monday evening, the annual Christmas party was held by staff and volunteers, with Shola helping to switch on the Christmas lights and to chat with those who attended.

Entertainment came from a Boy George tribute, Sing United Community Choir, Boy Geordie, and the Northern Monkey Brass Band.

Maggie Pavlou of The People’s Kitchen said in a statement: “We’ve invited our friends tonight to celebrate Christmas and we hope it will help to bring them a sense of normality at this time of year.

She also added: “We’d like to thank the performers, Shola for taking time out to switch on our lights and the food vendors for donating their time for the benefit of others.”

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