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Mrs Browns Boys is a family favourite at Christmas time, with the show bringing humour to thousands across the nation.

Agnes, Cathy and the Brown family brought another festive episode this year, however, this episode was slightly different to normal.

Credit: BBC. A family favourite, Mrs Brown with one of the famous Christmas tree.

During the show, Cathy Brown, played by Jennifer Gibney, chatted to Agnes Brown, played by Jennifer’s husband and show writer/creator Brendan O’Caroll about the current situation.

While sat at the vintage Brown kitchen, which is one of the main sets on the show, Cathy mentioned about the current rules and lockdown we have all faced.

“How come we can go to a soccer match but not a concert?” said Cathy.

She added “I feel like those making decisions have no idea about real life.”

Fans of the show were quick to mention the swipe, with many agreeing.

Taking to Twitter, this is what some of the fans had to say:

Shaun tweeted a series of clapping emojis adding “well said Cathy” as well as tagging Prime Minister Boris Johnson and using the hashtag #MrsBrownsBoys.

Sarah added “Mrs Browns Cathy is totally spot on about those rules”.

The festive special ended with Agnes’ usual Christmas speech and with some much-needed positivity.

Brown said “I got vaccinated to protect you. And you got vaccinated to protect me”.

She also added “that better times are coming”.

Mrs Browns Boys continues New Year’s Eve at 10.20pm on BBC One.

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