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We all love a good Greggs, especially since it is a North East delicacy, alongside a good old stottie and a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale. 

Greggs lovers can get even more excited, as festive bargains are available at Deckham’s Outlet Bakery store. 

From two packets of sausage rolls for £2, to twelve delicious doughnuts for another £2. 

Eight doughnuts for £2 (two packs of 4), three Yum Yums for 50p? Two packs of scones for £1? Oh, go on then!

Please note that these deals are not always available, however, we are advised that during the festive period, in the coming days, there will be bargains galore!

If you are wanting to some Greggs festive treats to have at your dinner table, after you tuck into a succulent Turkey dinner, make sure you get down before the big day as the store will be closed Christmas Day. 

The store will also be closed Boxing Day and New Years Day. 

Pop down to Greggs Bakery Outlet on Old Durham Road. 

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