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Channel 4 Commission New Hospital Series ‘Geordie Hospital’

Channel 4 have commissioned a new documentary series which will be based in Newcastle’s biggest hospitals.

This series follows Newcastle Hospitals’ incredible staff through a shift, from world class medics saving and transforming lives, to the support teams who make it possible.

Channel 4’s Commissioning Editor, Rita Daniels said. “This is an exciting brand new 8pm series that features an incredible collection of inspiring, passionate and dedicated hospital staff.  In each of the six episodes you can clearly see their dedication, deep felt connection and enthusiasm for the patients they meet every day.”

The show will be produced by Curve Media. Camilla Lewis, CEO of the company said: “It was incredibly humbling to film with the fantastic staff who are at the heart of Newcastle Hospitals. Through their eyes we experience the beauty and complexities of their patients and the NHS.”

Dame Jackie Daniel, the Chief Executive of The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust commented: “We wanted to show the very best of Newcastle in a warm and engaging way – focussing on our world class clinicians as well as our extremely valued support staff who are all equally important in caring for our patients. I’m very grateful to all of the staff and patients who gave their time and expertise to help us make this programme.”

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Channel 4 Commission New Hospital Series ‘Geordie Hospital’

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