Credit: ITV

Known for their quick wit and humour, our favourite Geordie duo took another cheeky swipe at Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the final show of the series.

Chatting about the series coming to a close, Ant said “We’ve already booked our first celebrity for the next show, so that is something to look forward to”.

Dec then pulled out a camp mate style top from underneath the castle table in the studio, which read ‘Boris’ alongside a mock up of a phone and text number, which the camp mates wear during each series.

Credit: ITV

The great British public are never the type to shy away from commenting, with many taking to social media sites such as Twitter to share their thoughts and opinions.

One viewer even shared that they did not think the Prime Minister would win the next series.

A lot of fans shared their love for the Geordie duo’s ‘Evening Prime Minister’ jibes.

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