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His Royal Highness Prince Charles is in the region today.

From visiting the iconic Discovery Museum to meet with staff and the Tyne and Wear archives, to taking a trip on the Tyne and Wear Metro!

Prince Charles arrived at Newcastle Central Station today.

Credit: Beverley Rogers
His Royal Highness meets staff and team members at Discovery Museum in Newcastle today. Credit: Discovery Museum
Credit: Nexus / Tyne and Wear Metro

Prince Charles then took a trip on the Tyne and Wear Metro, 40 years after his parents opened the lines back on November 6th 1981. The Metro opened to the public one year earlier, in 1981.

Chatting to local press, Nexus said:

”The royal opening was a proud, iconic day for Metro and for the whole region.”

“I’m sure there are many people who can remember November 6, 1981, and there are many iconic photographs and videos in the archive showing the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh as they travelled on a Metro train and opened the new Metro bridge over the Tyne. Metro is undoubtedly one of our region’s greatest achievements. It’s a source of immense pride and affection.”

Tyne and Wear Metro, via social media, said:

”The Tyne and Wear Metro was just the ticket for Prince Charles!

His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales has paid a special visit to the Tyne and Wear Metro today (Tues 9 Nov) to mark the 40th anniversary of its Royal opening in 1981.

Prince Charles took a whistle-stop tour of the Metro network to celebrate the landmark occasion, and to recognise the hard work of staff during lockdown.

The prince followed in the footsteps of his mother and father, the Queen and Prince Philip, who visited Tyneside on November 6, 1981, to officially open Metro and dedicate the QEII Metro bridge over the River Tyne.

The heir to the throne, who was in the region for a day of engagements, was in great spirits as he met staff and volunteers before travelling two stops on the Metro through Newcastle city centre, from Central Station to Haymarket, where he unveiled a commemorative plaque.

The Prince’s visit kicked off at Central station, where he was met by the Chief Operating Officer of Nexus, Martin Kearney.”

Pictured: Prince Charles masked up at Central Station earlier. Picture: Tyne and Wear Metro.
Pictured: Cheryl meeting with Prince Charles at Cheryl’s Trust this morning.

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