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Masks are now mandatory on public transport and in retail, with Christmas on the way and a new varient, Omicron, to deal with. 

Customers are being told they must wear a face covering, unless exempt.  

Customer Services Director at Nexus, Huw Lewis, said: “We have always encouraged people to wear face coverings when using public transport unless they are exempt. The Government has now said that from tomorrow face coverings will be mandatory and we hope and expect that our customers will follow this clear instruction.

“We made wearing face coverings part of Metro’s Conditions of Carriage in July, unless you are exempt, and now that has once again been mandated as a legal requirement, following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Saturday.

“Face coverings are a simple step that everyone can take to protect you and your family’s health and that of other people in the community.  Our frontline teams will continue to remind and encourage customers to wear face coverings when using public transport, and to explain the benefits of doing so.”

Go North East say: We expect everyone to wear a face covering if they can. Our drivers are already working behind a screen to protect them so they do not need to wear one. 

We have also joined the Sunflower Lanyard Scheme – in which a lanyard can be worn if you have a disability or medical condition and cannot wear a face covering.

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