Stephanie Aird Praised By Fans On BBC Hiking Show

Published Monday, 27th September 2021
By James Cowen

North East comedian Stephanie Aird has been praised by her loyal legion of fans for her role on BBC Two's new hiking programme called 'Take A Hike'.

Aird, who has over 500 thousand followers and well over 20 million video views, took part in the programme in which five keen hikers took turns to share their own walk.

Each contestant was judged on their walk, scenery, entertainment and their picnic!

Stephanie decided to take on the historic Hadrian's Wall for her hike, which showcased just one of many beautiful walks across Northumbria. Her chosen entertainment consisted of dressing up as Maid Marion for a life drawing at Sycamore Gap, in which many will know that the iconic 'Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves' was filmed there. Pork pie and melon were just one of the unique food choices for Steph's 'mucky mixture' picnic.

Stephanie suffers from vertigo, however, that did not stop the internet sensation from choosing a high-up hike to help conquer her fear of heights (in her own words).

Stephanie alongside fellow hikers Paul, Jasmine, Angus and Teresa.

Her partner Ian brought Stephanie's very own cafe-bar to the walk, with pub snacks such as pork scratchings and mocktails to help her fellow contestants to refresh themselves.

Find out how Aird scored alongside her fellow contestants by watching 'Take A Hike' on iPlayer now.

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